Monday, September 10, 2012

System JO H2O lubricant review

So, I did a review on Eden, you can find it here. I'll be expanding on a few things here, mainly things that I didn't feel fit the purpose of the onsite one. In the future, I'll be doing a long form ingredient list, and I'll be comparing all water-based lubes, just the properties of it, like bottle sizes available, direct links to small sizes, and occasionally where to buy sample sizes so you don't have to invest in a bottle, should it be offered in that form. I'll also be making some images to use in rating it, so keep an eye out for that. 
Now, onto the important bits. Right now this is my favorite lubricant, due to the thickness and how I don't need to reapply very often. I find having to renew it, or thinness annoying. I managed to wash another lube off trying to revive it, and having it spurt on my hand and get everywhere just from picking it up. Ill tell you more about that in the review for that product. For me at least, the thickness is more comfortable than something closer to water, or natural lubrication. This is gonna come up a lot in future lube reviews, given how much I've found it matters.
 I will warn you that if you want to use a product with a warming or cooling sensation, you'll want to apply it first, I found that out the hard way, and it made me think it had a weak sensation. I found that was untrue, and that you should never use a sensation lube in the same way I use a regular one. That little mishap, and its moral will be saved for another day. to be honest, this lube doesn't give me as much material as the other two I have, or even the toys. That should be a point in its favor, it's hard to screw this one up, I haven't even had an issue with using too much. it's just a lovely slickness and thickness, making my toys slide around without making my genitals look or feel like they've been attacked by tiny ninja, it even seems to moisturize, which is much better than feeling like someone dumped glue on your crotch. So check this out, and I'll be looking for a lube that is similar in texture and effects without the troublesome ingredients.
In conclusion, this is how it stacks up.
 Pros:  Thick                         Cons:  Contains Glycerin
          Water-based                        Contains Parabens
          Long-lasting                         Indiscreet Packaging

If you think this is the lube for you, just click on the picture below. If not, then checkout one of the other lubes here.

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